Immerse your soul in a form of yoga that grows your practice to its potential. 



Yoga is a complete body workout.



WarriorWithinU yoga is about transforming yourself. It is an integrative way to express one's body, mind, and spirit through new ways of approaching yoga.  





Yoga is a science of body, mind, and integration. 



Excellence is the keyword in Faysal's teaching which gives him the reputation of being one of the best teachers in the Bay Area. 

His signature classes will instruct proper alignment of the body, deep stretching, challenging poses, breath, and movement. He carefully deepens clients' yoga practices so their poses are done with elegance and style.


People often come to Faysal with chronic pain and lack of mobility, and now find themselves stronger and more flexible than ever. 


Faysal serves the needs of his students and his caring shows with his presence and skill-filled teaching. Every class or individual session is carefully outlined and thorough.


Students feel safe and guided to excel with Faysal's handcrafted WarriorWithinU practice.



Flexibility -  For mobility, relieving chronic pain, and posture. 

Strength - Building endurance, health, and muscle capabilities. 

Mastery - Handstand, body awareness, press handstands, inversions, backbends, and other masterful poses.